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Chances are you have noticed these substantial exterior letters if you have ever driven past a multi-story, high end building. Or, you may be familiar with the effectiveness of illuminated channel letter signs from seeing strip malls at night. Illuminated and non-illuminated channel lettering are two of the most common types of signs Imagine SignWorks makes for Longview and Tyler, Texas businesses that want to make their name stand out on the front of their building.

Non-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Building owners and property managers often require tenants who want an exterior sign to meet specific standards. The Imagine SignWorks design team can create custom non-lit channel letters that are painted to compliment your building.

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Irving TX

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Formed with high gauge aluminum, non-lit channel letters are routed to shape with smoothly welded edges and deep returns. Car grade, premium quality paint is used. To create a soft shadow for more depth, the letters are often installed with spacers, so that they stand off the wall.

You options are endless. Non-lit channel letters can be made to any height, font, depth, or size. They are the professional and substantial solution.

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

There are also many options for illuminated channel letters. Their light source can be energy saving LEDs or traditional neon tubing. They can be mounted on a raceway or individually on the building. There are four main types of illuminated channel letters:

  • Standard Front Lit – Housed in an aluminum frame or letter, standard front lit channel letters are typically illuminated by internal neon tubing and have colored acrylic faces.
  • Reverse Halo Lit – The lighting for these halo lit letters comes from behind the letters. They are made from aluminum with the back left open to produce the halo effect.
  • Open Face Lit – These are essentially the same as the standard front lit, except they have clear acrylic faces to give an open appearance.
  • Back Lit – At the same time, these are illuminated through the back of the letter and the front face.

Longview TX Channel Letter Signs

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